Monday, December 29, 2014


Greetings friends,
As 2015 approaches, I have decided to get back in the saddle again and begin posting art projects. most of my old work was deleted into the interwebs so I will start over. For most who remember me in the Steampunk genre, I was formerly the artist known as Dr. Grymm. I have abandoned the character and decided to take my work in a new direction, though the word grymm has always been associated with my work, so I think I will keep it. There is still a place in my black and withered heart for Steampunk, but I will more so be focusing on personal projects, creature design, cosplay, creature suits and armor, puppets, random design sketches and really whatever the hell I want.
So keep posted here for updates to current projects, posts about previous work, tutorials, tips and tricks, etc.
Comments are always welcome and I appreciate anyone who wants to follow along on this new chapter of my artistic life.
Grymm tidings,